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Gun Shots Big website about guns, rifles and pistols. Gun safety. Gun Manufacturers. Shotguns.

How stuff Work Interesting large website of how stuff works

Interior Design

Everything you need to know about Interior Design. Redecorating your home made easy.

E How How to do just about everything.

TOPPSKOT.IS New Netshop. Gun Sales. Reloading Ammunition components, Reloading Tools.

Gun Silencer Video Gun Silencer on a 22 Semi Automatic Rifle.

Cleaning Rifle Barrel Bore Informative video of cleaning rifle barre the correct way.

Reloading Ammunition for rifles Handloading precision rifle ammunition for rifles. With cutom reloading dies and arbor press. Carthridge case spinne rused to test concentricity

Custom Rifles Blog BRS Custom Rifles Blog. Gun Silencer, Muzzle Brake, Pistol Silencer, Double Action Silencer and Muzzle Brake Combo.

Muzzle Brake Blog How to make a Muzzle Brake. Manual of how to make it. Blueprint Drawings.

Precision Rifle Shooting Video Shooting at 300 Meters with a Heavy Bench Competition rifle.

Security Pro USA Intersting website. Your online security center.

Federal State Gun Laws. State by state chart of NFA Restrictions.

Long Range Hunting Long range hunting and shooting equipment, gear, techniques and discussion.

Long Range Hunting Forum Welcome to Online Magazine and Forums.

Long Range Hunting Shop I personally use much of the long range hunting gear and supplies you see here in the LRH Gear Shop. In fact, I used several of the newest items during this hunting season. Some are from the LRH Sponsors. All are the kind of products I can confidently recommend.

Rifle Bedding BLOG The foundation of rifle accuracy is the bedding of barreled action into the stock.You may have a rifle with quality, barrel,action and scope,it can shoot well or not so well.pillar bedding will increase it´s accuracy.In both cases,there is a great advantage to glass bedding the barreled action with,two part epoxy bedding compound. The most accurate rifles,in bench rest competition,varmint,tactical, hunting,and target shooting,are pillar bedded.Rifle Bedding Book is all the guide you need.

BRS CUSTOM RIFLES On VIMEO Rifle shooting Videos, reloading ammunition video, cleaning rifle barrel bore, video. Gun Silencer video, a 22 rifle silencer demonstration. Precision shooting bench rest at 300 meters, and more.

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